Friday March 29th, 2019 / News, Program 2019

4.04.2019 / 7:00 p.m. 

„POMPA FUNEBRIS” / Stowarzyszenie Sztuka Nowa

 20 zł

directors: Kasia Pol, Dawid Żakowski
performers: Magdalena Fibi Dębicka, Vera Popova, Borys Jaźnicki, Dawid Żakowski
scenography, costumes: Kasia Pol
lighting director: Jędrzej Jęcikowski
director’s assistant: Maksymilian Jenkins Markarianc
co-operation: Piotrek Szczygielski, Maciej Tomaszewski, Łukasz Zwoliński
partners: Muzeum Warszawskiej Pragi, U-47, Komuna/Warszawa, Studium Teatralne

production: Stowarzyszenie Sztuka Nowa
review: http://www.taniecpolska.pl/krytyka/595

Fot. Pat Mic


Pompa funebris is a politically (un)engaged performance inspired by the Sarmatian and populistic death rituals popular in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. Created in the context of the global climate disaster, the growing power of populism, the communicational void and the humanitarian crisis. The authors of the performance confront the audience with a passive world devoid of shadows – the past, memory and post-memory where personal mythologies are converted into micro ceremonies and pseudo-manifestations.


Stage and screen actor, performer, dancer. In 1997, he graduated from the Theatre Academy in Warsaw, In 2015, he completed a training programme for contemporary dancers at the Warsaw Dance Department. Dancer and performer in Dream on Hamlet dir. S. Krawczyński choreography by A. Godowska, part: Hamlet. Premiered at the Theatre Institute in Warsaw (grand prix at the Sopockie Konsekwencje Teatralne festival in 2018); Hymn do Miłości [Hymn to Love] dir. Marta Górnicka, premiered at the Teatr Polski in Poznań, REQUIEMASZYNA [REQUIEMACHINE] by M.Górnicka, dir. Marta Górnicka, premiered at the Theatre Institute in Warsaw.



Actress, dancer and voice talent. In 2017, she passed the extramural exam for professional actors at the Association of Polish Stage Artists (ZASP). She starred in Na Wspólnej, Na dobre i na złe and other screen productions, as well as in plays staged at the Teatr Powszechny in Łódź (e.g. Stopklatka dir. Jakub Zubrzycki, Szkoła Żon dir. Janusz Wiśniewski and Sobowtór dir. Ewa Pilawska).



Dancer, performer. Has been dancing since early childhood. Many-time finalist and medal winner of the Grand Prix Ukraine series of ballroom dancing tournaments (standard and Latin American styles). Dancer and performer in: Turyści [Tourists] dir. Dawid Żakowski, Sztuka Nowa, Warsaw 2017, Krym [Crimea] dir. V. Popova, G. Trajkowska, Sztuka Nowa, Warsaw 2017, Guilherme Botelho (Sideways Rain, Warsawa, Kielce, Paris 2016, Skarbek dir. Antje Majewski as part of the Rzeczy Robią Rzeczy [Things Make Things] project (Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw 2016.



Set designer, costume designer, audiovisual artist. Born in Poland, she has been living and working in New Zealand for the past 15 years and collaborates with various artists in New Zealand, Germany, Denmark, Cyprus, Chile, Canada and Poland. She created a strong and inimitable visual language via her practice in the theatre, in performance arts, installations, operas, dance, moving images and new media – in multi-cultural milieus all over the world.