CST / 7/02/2019 / PREMIERE: “SACRƎ” / KLAJDA / VERGER / Inauguration

Tuesday January 22nd, 2019 / Program 2019

4 choreographies – 1 evening – Inauguration of the Dance Art Center in Warsaw at the Mazovia Institute of Culture

On 7 February, at 7 pm, the first event featuring performances held by the Dance Art Center in Warsaw will be held. The DAC programme will be hosted in 2019 by the Mazovia Institute of Culture. The artistic part of the event will consists in four solo performances. We invite you to see two male and two female takes on contemporary dance presented during one exceptional night.



Marek Klajda/ Thierry Verger
11 min.
Choreography: Thierry Verger
Performer: Marek Klajda
Music: „Place of the Gods”, Estas Tonne



A businessman and Honorary Consul of the Republic of Mauritius by day. His greatest passion is physical movement. He has been practicing and teaching wushu and qigong for over 30 years. Two-time Polish wushu champion. Has been frequently driving his daughters to dance classes but eventually he got bored with just being the driver and joined the dance class himself. And he keeps dancing. He is most interested in contact improvisation and the Modal Underground technique while collaborating with Thierry Verger.



French dancer, educator and choreographer. Originator of the Modal Underground style. In his work Thierry applies an original and eclectic dance technique he created. He draws on the experiences of old and contemporary dance masters, the martial arts and ritual dance. Modal Underground is a bridge between medieval imagination and contemporary reality. This manner of creating choreography brings together opposites: classic lines with Baroque curves, sensuality and uncontrollability. Thierry collaborates with many famous dance schools and theatres across Europe. He lives and works in Paris.