CST / 7/02/2019 / PERFORMANCE: “BODY BANK” / LIWIA BARGIEŁ / Inauguration

Tuesday January 22nd, 2019 / Program 2019

4 choreographies – 1 evening – Inauguration of the Dance Art Center in Warsaw at the Mazovia Institute of Culture

On 7 February, at 7 pm, the first event featuring performances held by the Dance Art Center in Warsaw will be held. The DAC programme will be hosted in 2019 by the Mazovia Institute of Culture. The artistic part of the event will consists in four solo performances. We invite you to see two male and two female takes on contemporary dance presented during one exceptional night.



Liwia Bargieł

12 min.

Choreography and performance: Liwia Bargieł
Music and performance: Dominik Strycharski
Video and light director: Marta Mielcarek
Production: Paulina Ozga
Premiere in X10 Theatre in Prague



In the performance the performer examines her own body but her perspective is completely different from the perspective of the audience. As such she makes an attempt to observe herself from a distance, trying to identify the behaviour and reactions of her body that becomes a machine on the stage and moves as instructed. The artist also makes an attempt at deforming her body and change its form, so that is produces the impression of being peculiar. The artist’s objective is to present the body as a plastic object that, depending on its location, the audience’s gaze and finally reacting to itself changes roles and perspectives: in the macro scale it is a dynamic solid in space, in the objective scale – the body as space and a set of interconnected components, and in the micro scales – the unseen.



Dancer, choreographer, graduate of the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London. Instructor at the A. Zelwerowicz Theatre Academy in Warsaw. In 2012, 2014 and 2016 winner of the Rezydencja/Premiera Klubu Żak in Gdańsk competition where she created the shows O mnie i trochę o Tobie [About Me and a Little About You], Love Song and Szron/Frost. Dancer in the following performances: Przemiany [Transformations] with the choreography by Carolin Finn, Hommage a Tadeusz Kantor and Dziadek do orzechów [The Nutcracker] (by M. Mikołajczyk), Family Affair (by the Zimmer Frei collective), Opera kolejowa [Railway Opera] (by Grzegorz Laszuk/Komuna Warszawa), Sideways Rain by Guilherme Botelho, Wolne Gesty [Free Gestures](Uli Sickle). Author of choreography for theatre performances Ce bordel formidable/ extravaganzaJoanna Szalona, KrólowaOtello (dir. W. Raźniak), Opowiadanie Brazylijskie (dir. M. Hycnar), Demon Teatru, czyli mniejsza o to (dir. A. Domalik), Wiedźmin (dir. W. Kościelniak), Tragedia Jana X (Teatr Chorea, dir. W. Raźniak). Author of theatre performances: Iluminacje, Witzelsucht, Body Bank and co-author of interdisciplinary performances: Pozycja początkowa-wertykalna, Nullpunkt, Treatise (on commission of the Warsaw Autumn 2016 festival).