9/10/2017 #myfriendsaredancing / HOTELOKO movement makers

Tuesday September 19th, 2017 / News, Program 2017

 In October the programme of  Dance Art Centre in Warsaw will feature mainly  groups, collective ensembles and dance theatres.

The programme of the CST Dance  Art Centre offers a comprehensive survey of the contemporary dance in  its broadest spectrum: it includes dance improvisation,  shows based on structure, art installation work, interdisciplinary shows, performance art shows. After every performance a conversation will take place between the artists and the audience. In 2017 the performances will take place every Monday from September till December. In the coming years, the programme will be developed to embrace other spheres  such as education, animation, theory and critique of dance.



The shows and events presented in this particular cycle will feature various techniques and varying approach to contemporary dance. The performances in this cycle will aim to present different treatment of the modern dance techniques, premieres, young artists’ first appearances in the sphere of contemporary dance art and performance art; also included are presentations by acclaimed, well-known artists who cooperate with the younger generation, and, last but not least, performances and installation art events for children.


A Centre of stormy events. A Centre of important matters. A Centre  that can sometimes be dangerous, shocking, astounding. The performances presented in this cycle undertake vital problems in very many differing ways. The artists use improvisation, construct tension/expression by means of micro-movements, make use of performative tools, combine various dance styles and various spheres of the arts: dance/theatre/film/visual arts – they employ video materials, put up installations or act in an empty space. One special trait connects the whole of the work by our artists: it is like the eye of the cyclone – it takes up crucial  dilemmas, rough ones, sometimes ominous, intense and ultimate but very well-known to us all.

THE EYE OF THE CYCLONE: “#myfriendsaredancing” / HOTELOKO movement makers / Magdalena Przybysz / Agata Życzkowska


Idea and choreography: Magdalena Przybysz

Directiona and dramaturgy: Agata Życzkowska

Cooperation: Wojciech Grudziński / Mikołaj Prynkiewicz

Realization: Wojciech Grudziński / Mikołaj Prynkiewicz / Magdalena Przybysz / Agata Życzkowska

Production: Fundacja Rozwoju Teatru ‘NOWA FALA’

Trailer: https://youtu.be/QJlBfaUJg2c

Performance for adult audiences

The project “#myfriendsaredancing” created to the concept idea and choreography by Magdalena Przybysz, and stage directed by Agata Życzkowska is a result of a search for strategies connected with telling of stories, the so-called story telling.

It follows a simple principle:

What you cannot express in words – dance or sing it.

What you cannot express in dance – say it.

What you cannot express in any possible way – leave it unsaid.

The process of this project is based around a search for answers to the following questions:

How important is the very beginning?

Do contemporary rituals permit construction of  social bonds on the strength of democratic  communication?

How can we re-cycle our reminiscences and things we possess?

What is a stage caprice?

Do we have to dance to somebody else’s tune?

After the performance we invite you to a meeting with artists

The meeting will lead: Julia Hoczyk

HOTELOKO movement makers  was created in 2011 on the initiative of Agata Życzkowska, an actress, stage director and producer. The present cast includes Magdalena Przybysz, Agata Życzkowska and Wojciech Grudziński. Through a combination of acting methods and modern dance techniques, the HOTELOKO artists have developed a slightly freaky dance style. They produce art, educational and social projects within the joint area of the dance, theatre and performative arts, uniting all these spheres of art. They invite other artists to take part in their projects. The name of the HOTELOKO movement is  connected with the idea: WE ARE, WHERE THE FLOW IS GOOD. www.fundacjrozwojuteatru.pl

Ticket 10 zł / available at the cashier DK Kadr and on the website DK Kadr: http://www.dkkadr.waw.pl/


Organizers: Fundacja Artystyczna PERFORM, Fundacja Rozwoju Teatru ‘NOWA FALA’ / HOTELOKO movement makers

Project partner: Dom Kultury Kadr

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