Infanta, by Kantor
Infanta, by Kantor

DECEMBER 9 2016, 8:30 P.M. Małgorzata Matuszewska, Romana Agnel, MAZOWIECKI INSTYTUT KULTURY

Infanta, by Velazquez.

‘How many of them were there in my life?! I discovered ‘mannequins of the Death’ in them. Phantoms emerging from the cruel and crude emptiness of a canvas.’


The performance of TTNTF ‘Infanta by T. Kantor’ has been inspired by Kantor’s art, particular by his painting ‘One night Velazquez’es Infanta Margerita came into my Poor Room’.

In the performance, choreography uses and transposes the language of dances like: flamenco, courtly dance and oriental dance. Furthermore, certain actions has been inspired by artistic devices characteristic to T. Kantor’s theatre. Małgorzata Matuszewska has transposed elements of dance forms, so they would become artistic devices. Consequently, devices used in certain way make possible the full explanation of essence of Infanta’s illuminations. The Infanta who, with the flow of the time ( Kantor’s internal time as well) evolved, although without losing its constitution founded by Velazquez. Animated images  – personages of Infanta, exposed by the dance – establish dialogue with a stage. A stage which according to Kantor is ‘Poor Room of the imagination’ living it’s own life. A stage which Kantor left forever in 1990. The presence of the commentator combines both illusive spaces and refers to Kantor’s speeches and to artistic devices characteristic for  Cricot 2 Theatre. In enlivened, or everlasting, Room of Imagination, full of squeaking floors and door sounds, vulnerable to storms and winds, sparkling with play of light, personages of Infantas are reborn – Velazquez’es and Kantor’s. The Commentator standing up to the dialogue/battle with these forces, loosing the plot amongst the raging storm, is finally defeated… What is only left to do is to finish the performance by saying “Goodnight Ladies and Gentleman”.

The performance ‘Infanta, by Kantor’ was taking part in a modern dance competition: ‘rezydencja/ premiera 2009’ organised by Klub Żak in Gdańsk. The play won the competition in category ‘group’. Thanks to the win the project received financial subsidy  for the development. The premiere took place on June 25, 2009.

Choreography: Małgorzata Matuszewska, Romana Agnel

Directed by: Małgorzata Matuszewska, Andrzej Wełmiński
Script and Artistic Menager: Małgorzata Matuszewska
Lights: Karol Getler
Promotional picture: Andrzej Wełmiński
Commentator – Andrzej Wełmiński

Spanish Infanta ( from Kantor’s play ‘Tonight is my birthday’) – Małgorzata Matuszewska

Courtly Infanta (from Velazquez’es paintings) – Romana Agnel

Lymphatic Infanta (from Kantor’s paintings) – Dominika Suchecka