OCTOBER 30 2016, 8:30 P.M. Kamil Adamus


New Art Association – Dawid Żakowski ‘ORFEO’ 70‘. Performing: Kamil Adamus.

A performance ‘Orfeo 70” is a summary of personal emigrant experience. Orfeo comes back to his motherland Poland to find Eurydice/Elizabeth Z after years of emigration.

The clash of many languages and cultures seen during long lasting emigration, influences personal way of understanding Poland. Both, in the sense of historical changes and ability to speak about personal matters.

The performance uses many different kinds of discourse in favor of searching for word, image or writing, which could retrace the memory of things that are lost.


Director: Dawid Żakowski
Performing: Kamil Adamus

Visual motifs: Robert Rabiej
Production: New Art Association in Warsaw
Partners: Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London, Education and Cultural Initiatives Center in Olsztyn.
Premiere: work in progress April 24, 2016 Lub/Lab – residence in TF Laboratory.