After the Shout
After the Shout


Format Zero Association and Artistic Collective – Iwona Wojnicka ‘After the Shout

Cast: Iwona Wojnicka, Małgorzata Gajdemska, India Czajkowska

‘Pola Nireńska – recomposition’ is an empirical choreology project produced by the Institute of Music and Dance programme ‘Blank Pages of Music’. The performance ‘After a Shout’, which had its premiere on May 14, 2016 was it’s final result.


Pola Nireńska was a polish dancer and choreographer of the Jewish origin, whose career had started in the band called Mary Wigman, in the interwar period. On the Dance Congress in Vienna in 1934 she won the prize for her original choreography ‘The Shout‘. Nevertheless, her solo career was in fact constant, solitary and filled with fear escape from Nazi persecution.  


For artist’s photographs and the descriptions of her solo performances being an inspiration for the performance, we have constructed artistic recomposition of dancer’s stage works out of torn pieces of information, traces and references. In addition, in the terms of creating the choreography, we referred to Mary’s Wigman’s works and German school: Ausdruckstanz. At the beginning every dance fragment appears to be a single phrase, yet developed it becomes full sentence, paragraph, section or a chapter.


Empirical choreology/choreography: Iwona Wojnicka
Dance/text adaptation: Małgorzata Gajdemska
Musical composition/dance: India Czajkowska
Dramaturgy/Lighting design: Roman Woźniak

Costumes: Roman Woźniak, Kasia Rysiak
Graphics: Beata Pofelska
Manager: Joanna Stasina

Production: Format Zero Artistic Collective

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