Ramona Nagabczyńska, SEPTEMBER 22, 2016 7 p.m. MAZOWIECKI INSTYTUT KULTURY

RE // accumulation (previously Accumulation © Trisha Brown) is a solo dance performance produced as part of the famous series RE // MIX created by the Komuna // Warszawa in 2010 and lasting until 2013. The creation of RE // mixes were inviting the most prominent Polish directors, choreographers and visual artists, among others, Strzępka and Demirski duo, Krzysztof Garbaczewski, Akademia RUchu, Leszek Bzdyl and Kaya Kołodziejczyk. RE // accumulation is a remix of Trisha Brown-American choreographer, pioneer of postmodern dance.

The choreographer Ramona Nagabczyńska decided to remix the work Accumulation, one of the flagship works of Trisha Brown and groundbreaking works for dance. In this just a six-minute work choreographed, characteristic for Brown free moves are added to the previous ones on the cumulative basis, always returning to the beginning before adding the next.

Accumulation remix seemed particularly attractive to the choreographer, since it leads to redouble quotation – Brown quotes herself in her choreography, and Nagabczyńska quotes Brown in her RE // mix.

However, the contemporary artist goes with this a step further, finding another tools to quote her own stage actions, on the occasion of bringing to the remix discourse the discussion on the position of electronic methods of duplication in the process of the dance heritage exploring.

The show RE // accumulate points to a certain similarity between the accumulation, as an ​​artistic idea and accumulation, as a natural phenomenon underlying the acquisition of knowledge by the dancer’s body. Dancer learns the move, accumulating in his body the unique system of citations movement. These quotes may belong directly to its author, but also may be the processed version of it. Every time there is some displacement or imposition, in which there is a new quality, evidenced by the quality of the motor contained in the Nagabczyńska’s body, as well as the choreographic quality contained in the RE // accumulation.

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