You Have Your Voice
You Have Your Voice

OCTOBER 20 2016, 7:00 P.M. Izabela Chlewińska, MAZOWIECKI INSTYTUT KULTURY

Center in Motion– Izabela Chlewińska – ‘You Have Your Voice

In the midst of electronic and acoustic devices, half-voiced cameras, microphones and samplers particular citizen releases his speech to plead his own cause. To produce his voice he needs to formulate accurate body positions, adjusting it’s form to sound. After a while he starts to use not only his body, but surrounding technology as well, achieving braver and braver results.

The recent spectacle ‘You have your voice’ by Izabela Chlewińska is a result of long-term research on extracting the voice from a body, as an element of movement praxis. It is a solo work on body, voice and space. The laboratory of processing the quality of what we see and hear.


Choreography and performing: Izabela Chlewińska
Technology: Tomek Bergmann

Running time: around 50 minutes.
Premiere: November 4, 2015, Teatr Studio in Warsaw at Dance Studio Stage

Support: Burdąg Foundation, Center in Motion