Center of Dance Art in Warsaw (CST) is a pilot project of building the permanent, associated with contemporary dance and related arts location.


For many years the Warsaw dance community tried to find a place for dance, which could regularly present shows, performances, workshops, lectures and discussions on dance (Central Artistic Pool, IMKA Theatre, Studio Theatre, Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle). Through the projects like Warsaw Stage and the Warsaw Platform Dance there were fruitful attempts of associating dance community, by the joint initiative of the Warsaw dancers and choreographers (organizations operating within the Commission for Social Dialogue/ Dance in Warsaw – KDS). These actions were successful attempt to check the environment in the implementation of projects related to dance.


The next step was the creation of the Dance Centre in Warsaw, where dance presentations and workshops will be held regularly. Also regular lectures, film screenings will be held in this place. The members of profession operating within the KDS for Dance implement a pilot project of the Centre of Dance in Warsaw using the knowledge and experience from previous practice in dance NGOs. The Mazowiecki Institute of Culture (MIK), is the project partner who made the free location available for the implementation of this program in 2016.


This is the regular presentation and promotion of Warsaw artists associated with the dance – professional and already recognizable creators and dancers as well as choreographers starting a career, enriched with a component of education (dance workshops, exhibitions, film screenings), as well as the social component/audience development (activities aimed at the audience, increasing knowledge about dance, promoting regular participation in artistic events and dialogue with the audience about their preferences and needs – discussions after performances, workshops, films).


The rough vision is to create the constant repertoire of dance art in Warsaw, implementation dance festivals, artistic residencies, productions of new dance performances, film screenings, discussions, panels, debates related to dance.


The important section of the CST activity will be widely expanded cultural education in the field of dance addressed to all the inhabitants of Warsaw, including the local community. In subsequent years for KDS for Dance with the Board for CST will expand the program, and also work in cooperation with the Office of Culture in the Warsaw town hall for the creation of steady location for the Dance Centre in Warsaw.


In May 2016 the Commission for Social Dialogue for Dance has appointed the Board for development of a vision of the Warsaw Dance Centre future functioning (Council for CST). The Council comprises representatives of the affiliated with KDS for Dance, representatives of the Culture Bureau of Warsaw town hall, as well as independent experts, connected with the culture and business.


The overall vision of the project was developed as a result of the consultation and consolidation the profession by KDS for Dance, and three selected organizations representing the profession, responsible for the implementation of the task has become the bidders: PERFORM Artistic Foundation, the Foundation for the Development of Theatre ‘NEW WAVE’ and ART_committed Foundation.


Additionally, ART_committed Foundation, as the new organization will introduce a fresh look and a new approach to interpersonal relations. All organizations have a professional staff, experience in the realization of artistic projects and facilities to carry out these activities. Implementation of the project by the three organizations will strengthen the aspect of profession’s cooperation for the development of dance in Warsaw.


In the period from September to December 2016 the program called EXPRESSIONS will provide eight dance evenings and thirty-two workshops with various dance techniques as well as eight film screenings and multimedia presentations of photographs. After each event the meeting with the audience will be held. The project will present also a performative lecture, final debate, concerning the vision and objectives of long-term operation of the Centre of Dance in Warsaw since 2017.