22/06/2019 VAGINOCRACY / The audiovisual happening

Saturday June 1st, 2019 / News,

21.06.2019 20:30

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„Every man, no matter where he was born, deserves dignity. Nobody has the right to question this sense of dignity.”
Nástio Mosquito

The Idiom program will be opened by an audiovisual happening called Vaginocracy, a tribute to human dignity. Nástio Mosquito has created a collage consisting of uploaded recordings and photographs documenting human childbirth – an act of birth in which all human beings are equally involved.

❌ The video will be shown only once, at the same time, live and online, in different Polish and international cities. ❌

⇝ Before any identity comes to the surface and we start to be defined by external circumstances, like ‘what is one’s birth place’, there is a dignity, a stage which is given equally to all human beings who come into this world; the act of birth. This is what Nástio wants to edify in favor of sober, inclusive and consistent departure points. Vaginocracy is a vivid illustration of a concept that is a result of merging ‘equality’ and ‘democracy’ as intended. The audiovisual collage will be a homage to human dignity.

The audiovisual happening crowns the final stage in the process of gathering footage documenting the moment of human birth. On the website www.armyoftheindividual.com Nástio Mosquito calls to everybody who wishes to share their home videos of what he calls, ‘the purest manifestation of human dignity’. Out of the collected footage, Mosquito edited an 8-minute-long video which will be screened once – online, and on numerous screens in all possible locations; nationally and internationally. ⇜