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BUTOHPOLIS. INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF BUTOH ART is a new and long-awaited event on the cultural map of Warsaw.

Butoh is a special kind of contemporary performative art, called a dance or theater at times. It was created at the intersection of Japanese and European culture and is perceived as a cross-cultural phenomenon. For over 50 years, it has influenced art all over the world.

Warsaw has become an important center for the development of this independent art. Butoh has a loyal audience here and a very active community of performers. The creation of the Butohpolis Festival as a platform for creative dialogue is a very important step on the path of development and searching for the identity of the Polish butoh dance. I hope that the Warsaw Festival will also become an incubator of the “new butoh” in the international space.

Within the ground of western culture, butoh is increasingly looking for its specifics, which is why the theme of this year’s edition is “western butoh”. The program focuses on Polish butoh located in this particular context – performances of artists with great achievements and debuting artists will be presented during the Festival. Also among the invited artists  are extremely interesting foreign European dancers with extensive experience and artistic achievements.

The program also includes a discussion panel with an international group of artists and theoreticians. It seems that the butoh dance in the world is currently undergoing another phase of change, so talks about the “new butoh” are of great importance. The name “Butoh Art Festival” underlines the wider butoh area, which includes not only performative arts. Therefore, a significant part of the program is a butoh photography which is a special phenomenon. The theoretician and photographer Karolina Bieszczad-Roley in her lecture will talk about the concept of “photo-performance” which she is the author. This part of the Festival also includes a screening of short dance films and an exhibition of photographs.

I also invite you to the accompanying events that are open to everyone, that is workshops conducted by our foreign guests.

See you in Butohpolis!


Sylwia Hanff, Artistic Director.




Festival program:

26th April 2019, 7PM


  1. Performances:

Insomnia – Anita Zdrojewska (Warsaw/Poland), music live: Rafał “Ruff” Libner

Houses of Presence. Anamnesis – Magdalena Jakubów (Warsaw/Poland), music: collage

Red Moon – Maruska Ronchi, (Milano/Italy), music: collage

  1. Presentation of the book Intense Bodily Presence: Practices of Polish Butō Dancers by M. Zamorskiej

III. Panel discussion on the topic of Western Butoh, moderated by Julia Hoczyk


27th April 2019, 7PM


  1. Performances:

Sharing (oneself) – Krzysztof Jerzak (Cracow/Poland), music live: Maya Baczyńska

Crevices of Existence. The Song of Semi – Sylwia Hanff (Warsaw/Poland), music: Pierre Boeswillwald

Schizofrenie – Valentin Tszin (Berlin/Germany), sound live: Daniel williams


  1. Lecture by Karolina Bieszczad-Roley (Oslo / Norway) “Photo-performance: research on the performativity of Butoh dance photography” combined with the presentation of photographs.


III. Butoh Dance Short Films:

– „Gardener” (butoh: Joan Laage), directed by Karolina Bieszczad-Roley. (Oslo/Norway)

– „Chrysalide” (butoh: Jean Louise Le Cabellec) directed by Damien Serban, Yann Bertrand (France)


26-27.04 2019 – Butoh Photography Exhibition

An exhibition of photos from the performances of Limen Butoh Theater, by Janusz Yassiek Matuszewski (Warsaw/Poland)


FREE ENTRANCE. Reservation: register on FB event or email butohpolis@gmail.com


Adress: Teatr Akt, ul. Łaziebna 9, Warszawa.






Contact: butoholis@gmail.com


Stowarzyszenie “Akademia Umiejętności Społecznych”

Limen Butoh Theatre



Teatr Akt


Honorary Patronage:

The Institute of Music and Dance

Media Patron:

Portal taniecPOLSKA.pl

Dance Art Center in Warsaw


25.04.2019, 6PM-9pm, works hop LED by Maruska Ronchi, information: limenbutoh@wp.pl

28.042019, works hop LED by Valentin Tszin, information: BUTOHSFERA/Fundacja Pompka azdrojewska@publink.com.pl